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Classic does not mean old, it means that over a period of time it has become the highest quality of its kind. Allow us to keep that feeling of freshness and preserve that timeless presence of your classic automobile.


Car and truck owners will find an extensive assortment of fabrics, vinyl and carpeting to update their vehicle's interior and exterior upholstery. We offer complete classic automobile interior restoration that includes but is not limited to: leather, vinyl and cloth custom work. Also for your convenience we offer interior repair or replacement if necessary. The possibilities of classic car restoration are endless. Trust the professionals at John's Auto Toggery to bring your vision for your automobile to life. Our experts stand behind their work. You can clearly see that the love for what we do unmistakably shines through. You can expect that we will provide for you meticulous service with great attention to detail.


It doesn't matter if you're looking for a total transformation or minor adjustments. Our skilled craftsmen have the ability to aid you in falling in love with your classic automobile all over again. We understand you, we appreciate you and we promise to do our best to work with you.

Get excellent restoration that meets your highest expectations. Save time searching for the best because we promise you nothing less.

Quality that sets the bar


Trust the experts at John's Auto Toggery to bring your automobile vision to life.

Your satisfaction is our mission.

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