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Feel confident in the phenomenal repairs and upholstery work by our highly skilled staff. We understand that in order to enjoy your job and get it done with ease, you need sustainable equipment.


Experience the precision of John's Auto Toggery by allowing us to repair the seats of your tractor, bulldozer, heavy trucks, golf carts, motorized carts, or bicycles. We also have the skill to repair your exercise equipment leather or vinyl along with other miscellaneous equipment. We offer you a variety of services at great rates. Because of our decades in the business, our expertise sets the bar for the competitors. We strive to make your valuable assets look great so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Know that you are getting the best from us and that your repair will be completed in a timely fashion. We appreciate you and making it a point to understand the needs of our customers is at the top of our list of priorities.


Get what you expect and nothing less. Our promise is to deliver what you want, yet we endeavor to exceed your expectations. Experience our years of excellence and true love for what we do. With great work at the best value, we're here for you.

Get excellent upholstery that meets your highest expectations for your

commercial business equipment. Save time searching for the best because

we promise nothing less.

Quality that sets the bar


We guarantee your satisfaction and promise to give our best! Call us for your

upholstery needs.

Over 5 decades of experience.

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